Let the Inspiration Drive You

The day when the first high-speed railway in Serbia, connecting Belgrade and Novi Sad, was inaugurated, and the moment the fast train “Soko” thundered through this track for the first time, will be marked in red letters Serbian in the history of railways. However, upon its arrival in Serbia, the train had no name or logo. In order to give it its “identity,” a competition called “Let Inspiration Drive You” was organized. The agency Majo Public was responsible for providing complete media support, selecting jury members, communicating with the jury during the application and selection process, and creating the competition website.

The competition was announced at the Railway Museum in Belgrade, and the promoter of the competition, symbolically, was the fastest Serbian driver Dušan Duca Borković.

“The new high-speed trains of Serbia move at a speed faster than the one at which I typically drive when competing,” said Duca.

Students, designers, artists, and creatives offered their solutions for the name and logo of the new high-speed train, thus the competition contributed to the affirmation of domestic creative potential alongside its primary purpose. The prize fund amounted to 10,000 euros, and more than 3,500 solutions for the name and logo were submitted.

We held the solemn announcement of the winners at the Historical Museum of Serbia, as the arrival of the high-speed train had become one of the most important dates in the history of Serbian railways. The solution by designer Andrija Arsić emerged victorious, and the high-speed train was named and branded “Soko.” The competition itself, particularly the winning solution, sparked significant media interest, resulting in over 500 media mentions.

Since then, thanks to “Soko” and the Belgrade-Novi Sad high-speed railway, the company “Srbijavoz” and the Serbian railway have experienced a true renaissance, with the number of passengers increasing threefold in just two years.

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