Xross Hard Euro Reli

The first race in the history of Serbian motorcycle sports held as part of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship

A unique four-day spectacle, Xross Hard Euro Rally in 2022 became the first race in the history of national motorcycle sports held as part of the World Championship. Since then, our mountains Zlatibor, Tara, and Mokra Gora have become gathering places for the best hard enduro riders in the world, with the race itself considered one of the toughest in the Balkans. It’s a true adrenaline challenge that, according to participants, pushes the limits of endurance. Exceptional skill is required to cover an incredible 300 km of unpredictable and harsh forest terrains, steep descents and ascents, often pushing motorcycles alongside the audience to reach the finish line faster.

To promote Xross Hard Enduro Rally and to raise awareness of hard enduro as a sport in Serbia, for two years, we have created a comprehensive PR strategy and engaged with the media before, during, and after the event.

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Foto: Predrag Vučković, Vladimir Mladenović