Celebration of 20 Years in Business in Serbia

Our task was to organize a celebration for the 20th anniversary of Nielsen’s operations in Serbia. This milestone marked two decades of innovation and the original vision of the company, and our agency was selected to conceive and organize this extraordinary celebration in the unique space of the Belgrade City Museum.

Authentic Atmosphere and Architecture

One of the client’s key requirements was scenography, video production, and anything but a conventional speech. We chose the Belgrade City Museum, an impressive venue at Resavska 40b, providing a perfect setting with its historical charm and authentic architecture. At the entrance, we set up video screens where Nielsen employees greeted the guests and directed them to the main hall.

Documentary Film

We wanted every moment to be captured, brought to life, and shared with the attendees. For the central event, we prepared a dynamic and emotional 20-minute video material. The video, broadcasted on all screens in the museum, invited guests to the main hall. It was followed by a promotional video of Nielsen, archival footage from RTS (Radio Television of Serbia), a speech by the company’s director, and the longest part covered a documentary film that we directed, filmed, and edited. The film featured prominent figures from the world of television, marketing, and advertising:

Darko Broćić NIELSEN

Slobodan Đokić Lobi NIELSEN

Srđan Bogosavljević IPSOS

Dragan Bujošević RTS

Ivan Vlatković PINK

Katarina Pavlović PRVA


Veran Matić B92


Srđan Šaper I&G GRUPA

Ivan Stanković COMMUNIS

Darko Stanojević COCA-COLA

Video na LED ekranu imao je ulogu moderatora kojim smo i otvorili i zatvorili događaj. Osim jedne osobe koja se obratila gostima uživo, Kateryna Edelshtein, Media Cluster Leader, svi akteri su govorili u samom filmu, dok su u isto vreme bili prisutni u prostoriji.

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Projektni tim

Agencijski tim:

Ana Kuzman, Executive Director

Ivana Labović, Senior PR Manager

Igor Radović, Digital Manager

Andrej Veličkov, Design & Animation


Marko Popov, Producent