Dea Orh

Opening of the Seasonal Boutique

In the world of fashion and luxury, there comes a moment when words meet reality and create something unforgettable. We experienced such a moment during the opening of the first seasonal boutique by Dea Orh. When we embarked on this project, our goal was to introduce everyone to this special place as we see it, a place that will leave a mark in the world of fashion and luxury.

How did we achieve this?

We dedicated an entire day to fashion, beauty, and luxury, opening this unique place where each showcased piece has its own story.

The next task we focused on was the selection of guests. We added to the guest list all public figures recognizable for their fashion taste. The idea was to gather in this cozy corner at Kralja Petra 55 those who share a passion for elegance and style.

This wasn’t just a story about a boutique; it was a story about love, creativity, and vision, and we wanted to share that vision with the public.

Considering the significance of social media, we devised a social media plan to acquaint the broader audience with the magical Dea Orh and the unique pieces of high fashion that can only be found in this cozy corner in Belgrade.

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