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Mascot Srećko

Hi, everyone! I’m Srećko!

My name says it all – I’m here to bring happiness and security into your life. Whether it’s your home, health, car, or business, I’m here to protect everything precious to you. Consider me your faithful companion, wise advisor, and the best guardi.

My mission is clear – I want every step you take, every project you start, and all the property you own to be accompanied by happiness and security. I never want you to get a “headache” because of unforeseen circumstances, and I also ensure that your peace of mind is not too expensive. Trust me, happiness and security are affordable and accessible to everyone.

I have answers to all your questions. I know you can’t enjoy an unforgettable annual vacation without Travel Health Insurance. I understand that your car, which you’ve wanted so much and finally bought, is safest with Comprehensive Insurance. I know many dangers, like fires, floods, and natural disasters, are always present and threatening your home. It’s easiest to have a peaceful sleep when you know you’re covered by Property Insurance.


My job is to protect you from mistakes and situations beyond your control.

I am the faithful guardian of all AMS Insurance policies.

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