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Exhibition “Caviar” and Museum’s Communication Strategy

All members of our team are avid nature enthusiasts. Therefore, collaborating with the Natural History Museum in Belgrade was a special pleasure and a challenge for us to introduce unique and incredible stories that the Museum holds to both local and global audiences, serving as both a scientific and cultural institution.

Communication Strategy

By utilizing traditional and digital communication channels, we devised and implemented a communication strategy to increase the visibility of the Natural History Museum in the public eye. Our aim was to capture the audience’s interest in the Museum’s offerings, promote current exhibitions, and position the Museum as a unique cultural and scientific institution of national significance.

Exhibition “Caviar”

The promotion of the “Caviar” exhibition in 2021, garnered significant interest from the media and the public. We organized numerous appearances and interviews with the exhibition’s authors on television channels with national coverage and the most-watched programs on cable TV. Throughout the exhibition, information was published on the most visited portals, in the highest-circulation daily newspapers, and on social media.

This delicacy, often associated with refined gastronomic luxury, was presented to the public from cultural, historical, biological, and economic perspectives. Attention was drawn to the famous Kladovo caviar, produced in Serbia until 2000, and the protection of sturgeons, which are currently facing extinction.

The significance of the “Caviar” exhibition and its promotion is perhaps best reflected in the fact that the exhibition was presented to the French public at the Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris, marking the first exhibition of the Natural History Museum in the EU.


Social Media

We increased the Museum’s visibility and promoted the “Caviar” exhibition by implementing contemporary communication trends on social media. This involved creating attractive content, employing creative design solutions, and animating the Museum’s existing logo. The result was a rapid increase in followers and intense interaction with a visibly delighted museum audience.

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Foto: Prirodnjački muzej u Beogradu