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Celebration of the Second Anniversary of TV Stations K1, TV Doktor, and Kazbuka

In a very short time, the television stations under the umbrella brand of Minacord Media – K1, TV Doktor, and Kazbuka have become recognizable and beloved by Serbian audience. Their second anniversary was an occasion to bring together employees, friends, and notable individuals who contributed to the growth and development of these three TV stations.

Intimate Brunch Celebration

Minacord Media’s client opted for an evening gala celebration, choosing instead an elegant brunch in an intimate atmosphere. Regarding the venue, the choice was easy – the luxurious Belgrade hotel Square Nine offered everything our client envisioned.

In the intimate bar in the hotel lobby and the cozy courtyard extension, guests enjoyed premium wines, colorful gastronomic delights, a fantastic DJ set, and a central event featuring a large “television” cake and speeches from the owner and director of the television – Željko Joksimović and Manja Grčić, as well as Minacord Media most famous editors and presenters: Jovana Joksimović, Dragan Jovanović, Boško Jakovljević, and Aleksandra Jeftanović.

Guests and Media Coverage

The birthday brunch was attended by numerous celebrities from the world of media, marketing, politics, culture, and arts. Journalists and reporters captured the arrival of hosts and guests with their cameras, lenses, and microphones.

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