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What Connects Us?

From Idea…

We aimed to showcase the full power of Telekom Serbia’s cable TV network through the three pillars of every successful television network: NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, and SPORTS. The slogan naturally emerged as we listed the participants we wanted to see in the commercial: renowned editors and hosts from the news program, popular actors from series and movies broadcast on Superstar TV, and top athletes featured on Arena Sport. The question naturally arose, “What connects them?” This question soon became the campaign slogan: “What Connects Us?”

…to Implementation

With the slogan “What Connects Us?” the puzzle element logically followed. Telekom Serbia’s cable network hosts various channels with diverse news, entertainment, and sports programs. TV hosts, actors, and athletes are the protagonists of these programs, each being a piece of the puzzle. By placing all the participants in separate parts of the puzzle, we wanted to emphasize that each of them is a strong individual and brand. Their professionalism, authenticity, and credibility gave strength to this campaign. The big puzzle connecting them all is Telekom Serbia’s cable TV network, where you can watch them.

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Projektni tim

Agencijski tim:

Ana Kuzman, Executive Director

Igor Radović, Digital & Creative Manager

Jasna Đorđević, Account Manager & Senior Copywriter

Ivana Labović, Senior PR Manager

Produkcijska agencija: Majo Public

Ivan Code, Motion Graphic Director

Miloš Nadaždin, Photo & Video