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Sales Campaign IT IS NECESSARY

Our creative adventure with the client AMS Insurance began with the quest to answer the fundamental question – WHY?

Why do many people not have insurance?

A public opinion survey, conducted in collaboration with the IPSOS STRATEGIC MARKETING agency, provided us with interesting insights:

  • 32% of people believe they DO NOT NEED insurance.
  • 20% believe it is NOT WORTH having insurance.
  • 16% of respondents said it is unclear WHY one should have insurance.

The answer #ITISNECESSARY naturally emerged from the respondents’ answers and became the foundation of our creative strategy. For this reason, we developed a campaign concept that, through humorous communication, emphasizes the necessity of home and car insurance, as well as travel health insurance.

Short ads with a clear message and minimalist design achieved a significant increase in brand recognition (Brand Awareness). They also attracted the attention of potential insurance policyholders and directed them to the AMS Insurance Webshop, thus achieving the desired goals for the target audiences.

Our collaboration with AMS Insurance is an example of a successful innovative approach to selling insurance, and we are pleased to have achieved outstanding results together.

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Projektni tim

Agencijski tim:

Jasna Đorđević, Account Manager

Igor Radović, Digital&Creative Manager

Andrej Veličkov, Design

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