Client: Cineplexx / 2019

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Affection, war and Angelina Jolie’s sharp cheekbones marked “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil ” sequel to the Disney`s interpretation of Sleeping Beauty whose release in Belgrade Cineplexx movie theatres in October 2019 was promoted by our agency. Decoding the complex relationship between the horned fairy and the soon to be Queen while they formed new alliances and encountered new adversaries, we developed the strategy which sold +40% of planned capacities.

The wounded fairy inspired our team to engage pop star Natasa Bekvalac to impersonate this extraordinary character and help share the information on the film release to its target audience, which seized outstanding public attention. The campaign spread through the offline and online channels and positioning our client as leader in the entertainment industry.


  • PR strategy
  • Social media campaign
  • Fashion editorial
  • VIP attendance
  • Media relations

01 / Social media

IG and FB campaign

Social was recognised as one of the key channels within the campaign. Videos, giveaways and theme-based stories and posts resulted in over 400,000 total interactions on Instagram and facebook and increase in Cineplexx IG followers by 3,000.

02 / Fashion editorial

Hello magazine

Timelessness and aesthetical values of the movie were showcased by the fashion editorial with Natasa wearing haute couture in Hello celebrity magazine. Thus the fashion photography was seen as a creative playfield, deepening the mindset and relationship between the movie and the audience.

03 / Celebrities

Celebrities at the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil release

The horns of the protector of the magical Moors were seen as a passionately sought-after accessory for many celebrities invited by our agency who joined us for the movie release. They set an example for the audience that they were a part of the Maleficient 2 family, embracing this role to shape the audience perception of the movie.

04 / Media reports

TV reports

In anticipation of the movie, Majo Public organized two guest appearances on national TV shows with celebrities talking on the Maleficent 2 experiences or attitudes. We took a different approach by organizing a discussion on the inherited evil in humanity in an afternoon program on TV Prva, with movie trailer in the background. The premiere in Cineplexx cinemas was covered with live streaming at Nova TV and reports on 3 other national TVs.