Srbija Voz / 2019

Blue train Srbija voz

Srbija voz is a national passanger transport railway company, established as separate business entity in 2015. Although operating a number of new modern trains at certain directions in Serbia, it was perceived as old-fashioned and unreliable company. Majo Public set communication goals to improve the company image, present new transport capacities to the audience and win new passengers, especially younger generations. During the three months of our engagement, the interiors of new trains were shown to millions of Serbian viewers in over 20 TV reports on national televisions, thus securing large base of potential customers. Special attention was paid to press coverage of theme-based projects improving the brand image, such as New Year train for Children and Tito's Blue Train.


  • PR strategy
  • Media relations

Media relations

Communication strategy

One of the symbols of former Yugoslavia unity, Blue Train used by Marshall Tito, took us for a ride through Serbia on the occasion of former Republic Day, November 29th. Majo Public supported the ticket sales by announcements at RTS national TV in most popular programs such as Sarenica and Morning program. Additional 4 reports on Prva and Pink TVs secured the reach of more than 1,000,000 viewers. Print coverage of +80.000 was provided by organizing a trip of Tanjug news agency and Vecernje novosti journalists on the Blue Train. We gave this event a new meaning and connected it to target group 20-45 by a special editorial in Hello! celebrity magazine, where the actors Nina Jankovic and Gordan Kicic linked the eternal story of love and marriage from their just released movie to the story of Tito and Jovanka Broz.